Gelflex Sofclear Contact Lenses

Gelflex Sofclear Contact Lenses


Incredibly comfortable contact lenses with excellent fit and ability to retain moisture, as well as protection from ultraviolet radiation. Lenses Sofclear almost imperceptible to the eye, thanks to its unique technology refined “Radial Edge”. This advanced technology provides uniform edge thickness of the lens, which makes for maximum comfort with minimal impact century. Lenses are specially treated plasma discharge, which dramatically increases the resistance of the lens to the accumulation of protein and lipid deposits.

Specs: Diameter: 14.3 – Base Curve: 8.6 – Water Content: 55% – Material: GF-M (Methafilcon A 45%) – Option: UV, Blue Tint

NOTE: The price mentioned is for one lens only

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Gelflex Sofclear Contact Lenses
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